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Welcome to the EU Child Safety Online Project!

This project is funded by the European Commission ISEC fund:

We are an international, multidisciplinary team working across academia, law enforcement and industry in order to advance understanding of online childhood sexual abuse (CSA). 

The project is led by Professor Julia Davidson. 

We seek to draw together the evidence base on online offender and victim behaviour including:

  • online grooming
  • possession, collection and distribution of  indecent child images
  • identification of policing and industry best practice in prevention

The project seeks to promote cooperation between law enforcement and industry in developing and disseminating good practice models in the area of online CSA. Through collaboration this will ultimately assist practitioners and professionals to:

  • Develop effective prevention techniques
  • Early detection and deterrence
  • Valid and recent research

 The project has four primary and interdependent objectives:

  • Construction of a unique cyberpsychological forensic risk analysis to isolate which users of  a social network are most likely to become targets for online grooming
  •  Link project specific risk characteristics with other risk factors for grooming, like risk-taking and sexual orientation concerns
  • Creation of victim typologies of cybergrooming to assist with identification of vulnerable individuals and groups
  • Development of ‘Best Practice’ guidelines for industry and law enforcement in the identification and prevention of cybergrooming

Industry and law enforcement partners, please use the login menu situated in the left column to access additional material.  

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